LeapFrog LeapTV Review

LeapFrog LeapTV Review

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Thank you for visiting our website – http://www.educationalvideogamingsystemreview.com. The reason you are here is because you`ve almost certainly heard about the brand new LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Gaming System that has just been released in time for Christmas 2014. The LeapTV, which is an Educational Video Gaming System designed by children`s learning game giant – LeapFrog, will get both the minds and bodies moving with this exciting new concept that is specifically aimed at kids within the 3-8 years age bracket.

Just before we take a further look at the great new features of the LeapFrog LeapTV, we thought it would be prudent to mention this brand new LeapFrog game is highly likely to be very popular in the coming months ahead.

If you are potentially planning on purchasing this unique kids learning game for Christmas, then it may be wise to order early as the game maybe completely sold out as the festive season rapidly approaches!


LeapFrog LeapTV Review – Make Learning Fun With The LeapTV

Pre-orders of this game have been high and it is released onto the shelves on October 2nd 2014. As mentioned it is tipped to be a TOP Christmas seller this year, and this video gaming system for kids is projected to be one of the best fun learning games to date. It must also be noted it is also the ONLY game that targets youngsters of that age group so LeapFrog have really done their homework on this.

Here LeapFrog`s CEO John Barbour was recently quoted as saying:
“The essence of LeapTV is creating fun experiences. There’s nothing out there really that involves education; if you look on Amazon.com, there are only 17 suitable games [under the Early Childhood rating scheme], and none have learning in them.”

“For LeapTV, we started with a blank sheet of paper rather than taking something that already existed. We were looking for new ways to entertain and educate kids. Younger children wanted games that were appropriate and easy to play. With the LeapTV they can play straight out of the box. It’s super safe and learning is built in.”

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leapfrog leaptv review


LeapFrog LeapTV Review – Features of the LeapTV

  • Gets kids minds and bodies moving, and off the couch!
  • Educational, active video gaming system
  • Solely built for 3-8 year old kids in mind
  • THREE different engaging ways to play
  • Library of over 100 plus education approved games and videos that teaches skill sets in topics such as reading, science, maths. And many more….
  • Designed by LeapFrog, the award winning creators of kids educational entertainment and development

LeapFrog LeapTV Review – LeapTV Games

With a distinct lack of educational learning games for kids as young as 3-8 years old, the LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Gaming System is a welcome introduction to challenge the mental and physical aspects of a child`s development at that particular age.

Kids will be able to learn through motion as they dance and jump through a thoroughly engaging and well constructed curriculum. The LeapFrog LeapTV will initially have a library of over 10 educational games and videos approved by LeapFrog, so your kids are never going to run out of fun! Games include LeapFrog LeapTV Disney Sofia The First and LeapFrog LeapTV Ultimate Spiderman. More games are also planned for the New Year and beyond.

To support your child’s progressive developmental skills and achievements, the LeapTV Educational Video Gaming System games will begin at an appropriate grade or age level for the individual child. Consequently, the more your child improves, then the LeapFrog LeapTV games that they are playing will automatically adjust to intensify the challenge.

LeapFrog LeapTV 3

If and when your child finds any particular game difficult, and it`s all part of the learning process if they do, then help is at hand. All they need to do is to press the hit button and immediately access will be granted to the in-game tutorials. To advance through the levels, the tutorials will assist your child in understanding the underlying concepts that maybe preventing progress, and so help resolve any problems encountered during the game.

The LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System has purposely designed an interface with simplicity in mind, along with the controller that was built for little hands. It comes with a camera that is optimized to capture your child`s every movement, and is surely going to create lots of fun and laughter when it is used.

LeapFrog LeapTV Review – Conclusion

The LeapTV will probably be the pioneer of future kids video games targetting this young age group. One additional great benefit of this new educational toy is the fact that it provides games which include audio instructions for kids who cannot read yet. Parents may well be encouraged to hear that all of the LeapTV games and videos were designed, reviewed and approved by it`s in-house learning experts. LeapFrog is committed to be continually looking at ways of advancing children`s skills and confidence levels through educational learning games and toys.


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